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HR Development

The personnel development supports all employees at DESY in their professional and personal development in order to develop their talents.


Next meeting of the Women's Network at DESY on 10 December
Next virtual Welcome Days:
October 19: English
November 18: German

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Personnel development at DESY is diverse, promotes equal opportunities and optimizes work contexts. Our concepts are aligned with central strategies such as "DESY 2030" or on digitalization.

As a staff unit for HR development, it is our goal to focus on current and future requirements in the workplace. Promoting equal opportunities is an integral part of our work.

We bear in mind all the relevant stakeholders and act as connector to all departments. Our goal is to develop strategically-oriented concepts, and to create collaborations through transparent processes.

We promote development on the level of the individual, the group, the division and the entire organization.

We develop result-oriented solutions together with the participants, taking into account the needs and suggestions of the target groups.

Focus on development and future needs will ensure the success of our work.