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Gender Equality Plan at DESY

The Directorate has agreed on the first gender equality plan of DESY to increase equal opportunities of women and men.

What is a Gender Equality Plan?

A gender equality plan is a cyclically designed, employer-given instrument for the presentation, establishment and management of the company's gender equality policies. In addition to an analysis of gender statistics and an inventory of existing measures / activities, the central component is the definition of goals and measures. The equality plan is continuously updated.

Videos on Equality Plans in English
Gender Equality Plan in the framework of Horizon Europe
  • Key Priority of EU commission:
    Gender equality is a key priority for EU member states, which are promoting structural changes through the new Horizon Europe research framework program (2021-2027) to drive gender equality in research and innovation.

  • Introduction of a new criterion:
    Starting from 2022, research organizations must have a gender equality plan in place that meets the mandatory process-related requirements. Without a gender equality plan, researchers will no longer be able to submit applications. Consortium partners based in Europe must also have a gender equality plan from their organization in order to participate in a Horizon Europe project.

  • Research benefits from equality:
    The quality and relevance of research and innovation is improved, more talent can be developed and retained, and the full potential of all staff can be realized. In addition, workplace well-being and motivation are enhanced, an atmosphere of respect, fairness, appreciation and openness is fostered, and research centers distinguish themselves in a highly competitive environment.

    If you have any questions regarding EU application guidance, please contact Ute Krell or Susanne Hummel at the EU Project Office.

What is the implementation status at DESY? How can I get involved?
EU Online-Monitoring-Portal supporting the implementation of the Gender Equality Strategy

On 9 March 2022, the European Commission launched an online monitoring portal supporting the implementation of the Gender Equality Strategy 2020 – 2025. The Portal aims to facilitate and support the development of policy initiatives that address gender inequality in the EU. In addition, it enables policymakers and EU citizens to explore EU-wide data on the presence and magnitude of gender inequalities, across the three main dimensions of the Gender Equality Strategy: Free from violence and stereotypes, Thriving in a gender-equal economy, Leading equally throughout society.

GEAR (Gender Equality in Academia and Research) - tool

The Gender Equality in Academia and Research (GEAR) tool provides universities and research organisations with practical advice and tools through all stages of institutional change, from setting up a gender equality plan to evaluating its real impact.