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Peer Counseling

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Peer Counseling

Target group

executives from all areas

Goal: Through mutual support and advice on professional and leadership issues, managers gain new insights and ideas for their leadership work. They can expand their options for action by dealing with critical situations of individual colleagues. They gain an understanding of leadership work and tasks in other groups and areas.

Method: Peer counseling is a method in which colleagues consult each other in rotating roles. There are regular group meetings in which real topics from everyday management life, that are perceived as difficult, are discussed. In order to develop a strong basis of trust and mutual openness, the composition of the group is fixed once formed.

Process: Since autumn 2018, a pilot phase has been running with 2 groups. As a result to the success, 2 more groups are currently being planned.

Anyone who decides to participate in a group for peer counseling also agrees to:

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