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Helmholtz Advance


Target Group:

  1. Scientists with a doctoral degree who completed their PhD  min 1, max. 6 years ago or
  2. Administrative and technical staff with at least a BA degree and 2-8 years of relevant professional experience at a Helmholtz Institute

who are in a decision-making phase with regard to their future career.


Goal: Talented employees who are in a decision-making phase regarding their future career reflect on career options and their implementation possibilities in workshops, with a personal mentor and, where required, during individual coaching sessions.


1) three 2.5-day workshops (taking place in the greater Berlin area)

2) Mentoring tandem: Individually agreed upon meetings between mentor and mentee (approx. 2-4 hours each)

3) Individual coaching sessions: 3 two-hour individual coaching sessions can be used if required

The program is offered in German and English.

Process: In order to participate in the mentoring program "Helmholtz Advance", a letter of support from the disciplinary manager is required. During an internal selection process, the participants for the respective programs are determined. DESY is entitled to a specific quota of places for “Helmholtz Advance” set by the Helmholtz Association.

If you are interested, please reach out to the contacts listed below.

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