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High potentials, junior leaders and experienced managers of the Helmholtz Association are made fit for leadership through the programs of the Helmholtz Academy for Leaders, can network Helmholtz-wide and are well prepared for the strategic challenges in the scientific community.



Customized training for the core tasks of one's own career stage
Tailored to different target groups, the programs are structured according to the typical challenges associated with different levels of leadership responsibility - from preparing for leadership to leading large organizational units.


Leading your group: Employees from science, administration and infrastructure who took on a leadership role a maximum of 3 years ago or will do so in the next 6 months.


Leading in the matrix: Heads of Helmholtz junior research groups (only in German).


Leading with impact: Leaders with more than three years of leadership experience and/or who themselves lead executives.



It is not possible to register for the programs of the Helmholtz Academy for Leaders on your own. Participation is based on a proposal from the group/division. In an internal institute selection process, it is decided which persons can participate in the respective programs. DESY has a quota of places for each program determined by the Helmholtz Association.


If you are interested, please contact your leader or the contact persons mentioned below.