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Tips for leading virtually

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Tips for leading virtually


In the home office it is even more important than usual to create clear structures and routines. These tools can be helpful:


Leading from a distance

The model of situational leadership can be helpful when leading from the home office or leading employees who work at home.
Situational leadership is about adapting the leadership behaviour to the respective "maturity level" of the employee. The degree of maturity is determined by the employee's decision-making and responsibility (professional and methodical competence) and commitment to a task (motivation and self-confidence). Depending on where an employee stands, either more support in terms of professional support or personal encouragement is necessary.


source: N.Napp / 50 Home Office Hacks for Leaders

In a virtual work situation, the needs of employees can suddenly change. For example, the commitment can decline because someone misses the personal exchange with colleagues. Decison-making processes and productivity may be influenced by the fact that an employee is particularly good or bad at identifying with new tools and digital processes.

Therefore it is all the more important for managers to deal with the situation of the individual employees and to engage in personal exchange on how to support them now.


Contact and exchange within the team

Especially when the team cannot always be in personal contact, it is important to ensure that communication works and colleagues stay in touch.

Some suggestions:

Working in the home office - private means private

Working at home blurs the boundaries between private space and work space.

That's why it's important to set clear boundaries for yourself that protect your own privacy - also from virtual visitors. It is important to define working and private time for yourself and to communicate these to everyone else.

During work phases, you should concentrate on your work and ensure that you can work without interruption. During private time with family, children and friends, work topics should be secondary.

With video conferences, you should ensure that colleagues and superiors do not see things that are too private. For a professional appearance in videoconferences some platforms offer the possibility to change backgrounds.