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Diversity Arbeitsgruppe des WA


Diversity Arbeitsgruppe des WA

Mandate for the DESY working group on raising diversity and inclusion

Sept. 14th 2020

The DESY workforce is diverse in many dimensions and it is important that nobody at DESY gets discriminated against for any reason, and everyone is treated with the same respect. Furthermore, it is desirable that diversity is present at all levels of the organization. It is well known that there are implicit biases that lead to discrimination or oversight of people, normally without bad intentions. In particular people in leadership positions and on hiring or promotion committees need to be aware of these biases so they can counter them as much as possible.

The mandate of this working group is to make proposals for possible supportive actions for diversity and against discrimination such as regular training of people in leadership positions and on hiring committees. Furthermore, best practices elsewhere and novel ideas may be considered that intend to reduce any discrimination and boost diversity in all areas at DESY. It should also make suggestions for how DESY can ensure that these topics continue to be followed and monitored on the longer term. The working group will also review the metrics used to assess the diversity at DESY.


Mitglieder aus dem Wissenschaftlichen Ausschuss:
Beate Heinemann (ATLAS)
Axel Lindner  (ALPS)

Weitere Mitglieder:
Florian Burkart (MPY 1)
Katja Frerks (PE)
Anna-Christina Jauch (GB)
Ramona Matthes (BGM)
Elke Plönjes-Palm (FS-FLASH-B)
Kaja Winkelmann (PE)
Sibel Yasar (SBV)